How Property Passbook's Data and Algorithms Work

Our Data Mission and Principles

Bringing Transparency to Consumers

We believe strongly that consumers deserve the same access to real estate data and information as institutional investors.

Accuracy and Integrity of Data

Our mission is to support consumers in their property investment journey and provide unbiased insights to assist in the process.

Making Data Actionable

We strive to make complex market data digestible and actionable for our users and real estate investors globally.

How Our Data Works


Macro Data Collection

We use public, private and proprietary sources in order to get the most complete view possible of the macro-economic conditions that make global cities and countries attractive for residential property investment.


Geospatial and Submarket Analysis

We have developed our own proprietary system of scoring specific locations and submarkets based on factors such as density of amenities, access to transportation and area momentum.


Residential Project and Unit Analysis

We work with local partners around the world to source the best and most complete residential property information and subject the data to rigorous evaluation and analysis using our algorithms and pricing models.


Investment Identification and Price Forecasting Using Machine Learning

We calculate returns and trends by incorporating machine learning techniques to forecast project pricing and value to provide the best investment recommendations for our clients.


Ongoing Analysis and Optimization


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